Vermeer hay equipment can save you money not buying hay for feed around Monett MO.

Read on below to understand some features to look for when purchasing top quality Vermeer brand.

Vermeer hay equipmentVermeer hay equipment Monett MO

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Do you operate a small ranch in Monett MO and you’re tired of paying high prices for hay? Well, you don’t have to depend on others for quality hay to feed your animals. All you need is Vermeer hay equipment. With so many models out there, choosing the right equipment can be overwhelming. To help clear the confusion, here are a few features to consider when making your investment decision:

  • PTO horsepower
  • Pickup system
  • Real-time moisture sensor
  • Aggressive rotor
  • Heavy duty components
  • Dealership

PTO horsepower

In order to run a small operation, you should identify the minimum amount of power you need to pull a baler. Obviously, different Vermeer models come with varying horsepower. If you want to make bale hay from a large field, you need a machine with at least 120 HP.

Pickup system

A pickup system with no bearings gives a smoother and quieter operation. You should choose a model with few wear points to reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the machine. It’s important that you select a model with a hydraulic pickup lift in case you need to move between different fields.

Real-time moisture sensor

Knowing the real-time moisture of forage is important because it dictates the quality of hay you produce. When using Vermeer equipment, you can have all the moisture information at your fingertips. Not to mention, you have to consider the material you’re balling in terms of density. The best machine should make sure the moisture readings are accurate to avoid production of substandard hay.

Aggressive rotor

The rotor is basically the feeding system that forces hay onto the rotating belts and then into the chamber to form bales. Most Vermeer equipment is designed to tackle the hardest conditions. You may want to go for the model that allows for different bale size. Hay bales can be:

  •  Variable chambered
  •  Fixed chambered
  •  A combination of the two

Pay close attention to the main drive chains, maximum torque, and upper and lower drive bearings. These parts make baling wet or dry hay a breeze. Make sure the bearings have a load rating of 35% or higher.


No matter the model you choose, you should ensure the parts are available. Simply put, go for a dealer who will save you all the trouble once the equipment requires some maintenance or repair.

As you plan for the next hay season, you should know that there is no trick in achieving rolled bay of hay that preserves quality. All you need is the right Vermeer equipment that will give you efficiency and ROI you’re looking for. If you live in Monett MO, talk to your local dealer to help you get the right machine for the job.

You want the best? Then Vermeer hay equipment is your only option.

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