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Case IH Advanced Farming Systems, better known as (AFS) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade. Therefore, giving farmers the technological tools to control the entire crop production cycle. Crown Power’s Precision Farming specialists are leading the industry toward a newer, progressive way to create consistent results. In fact, this accuracy comes from sub-inch levels to reduce overlaps and cut input costs that maximize your yield potential.

Our Precision Farming Team

Our team is a continuation of the level of service that Crown Power & Equipment is known for. The team is here to serve your needs so that you can keep running. That way you can create a smarter, more efficient, and profitable harvest.

Wondering if we can service your equipment?

We can provide our expertise to CNH AFS, AgLeader, Precision Planting, Trimble, Intuicom, and Headsight. Contact your local Crown dealer to get in touch with one of our precision farming specialists today!


Chris Cravens AFS Specialist

Cell: 573.808.7478


Seth Emerson AFS Specialist





How It Works

Multiple RTK towers were put into place and continue to be maintained by MoDOT. The RTK signal is transmitted via cell phone signal to a modem in your vehicle so it doesn’t matter how far away you are from the towers. After the initial purchase of a modem, a yearly AT&T subscription available through our parts department is all that is needed.


Crown Power & Equipment sells and services AFS Precision Farming equipment that will fit not only Case IH tractors and implements but also many other brands.

  • AFS AccuGuide
  • Trimble AutoPilot
  • Headsight Row Guidance
  • Intuicom Wireless Solutions
  • AgLeader Harvest Solutions
  • AgLeader Guidance Solutions
  • AgLeader Planting & Application Solutions
  • Precision Planting Products