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Kinze Grain Carts offer a quick and reliable solution if you want to get the most during the harvest season. But, all models are not the same – they vary in terms of design, performance, unloading speed, and stability. To get your ideal cart, you should choose between the small and large detailed options. At the end of the day, you want to keep your harvest moving. Here are several features you should pay close attention to:

Upload speed

The upload speed is determined by the hydraulic flow gate, on-demand drive system, and vertical and horizontal auger. Also, the horizontal disengagement gives peace of mind on the start-stop functionality for the flow of grain. The best grain cart should have an upload speed of 750 bushels per minute and a grain hauling capacity of 1500 Bushels.

Ease of operation

It’s prudent that you invest in a cart that puts control in your hands. The best model should have an initiative joystick to control the following parts:

  •  Flow gate
  •  Auger tilt
  •  Horizontal auger on/off
  •  Tip sprout

Kinze’s external control auger allows for exceptional comfort while maneuvering the grain cart. Additionally, it gives the operator an option to adjust the height. Of course, the control stick features are common in all dual-auger grain carts.

High-performance tracks

Kinze Grain Carts come equipped with row crop tires, high-performance trucks, or flotation tires so you can choose the option that best suits you. Row crop tires provide flotation without disturbing the rows. What’s more, they have a unique mounting system that allows 30 to 40 degrees between the tires. On the other hand, the flotation tires are great for mud handling as they create an extra wide footprint for reduced compaction.

If you want to reduce soil compaction when harvesting, you need a rubber-tracked undercarriage. Also, be sure to choose a grain cart with great oscillating wheels to support you through uneven terrain while giving a smooth ride. It’s worth mentioning that rugged cast iron wheels will minimize maintenance and adjustments.


When purchasing your grain cart, you should pay close attention to reliability and ease of use. Kinze’s advanced design includes a hydraulically adjustable sprout, an external front folding corner, sleek modular construction, stable center of gravity, and durability features. With this in mind, you can be sure to find a cart that meets your needs. One more thing – choose a cart with powder-coat paintings that protect it from the extremes of Mother Nature.

If you’re around Columbia MO, you can find a reliable and efficient grain cart from your local Kinze dealership. To keep your equipment in the best possible shape, choose a dealer with the right tools and staff.

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